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Balanced Polarities
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Betwixt and between is where we would walk

Allowing the equilibrium to rock

Listening to the quiet voice within

Answer queries from where we would begin

Necessary deviation from a path we know well

Concealed by the colored paradigms that flavors the tale

Enticing the spirit to pay heed to the mind

Dreaming of a paradise we hope we can find.


Perhaps if and when we look beyond that which fits tight

Overcoming fears of the unknown living in light

Languishing in shadows for the shifting perception

Articulating our diction to ears of conception

Reiterating to reverberate our future pasts

Intricately designed and created by us to be passed

Toward our progeny who sometimes miss the catch

Inwardly wishing that our history could scratch

Entanglements to the dark laws of their fathers

Syncopated chains of secrecy that smothers


                                Balanced Polarities …

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