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COVID-19 was invented by the Chinese Communist Party keeping
it contained in Wuhan and sending it around the world creeping

Gave the Deep State a reason to take advantage of a crisis, though
I believe had a hand in it since Bill Gates owns the patent to throw

his weight around with immunizations ready to impale
that kill millions to depopulate the earth on a large scale.

Fear mongering ahead of the “plandemic” to get the uneducated
to be scared and silence the intelligent, and I continue the fated

questioning; "Why are Americans doing what their government tell them to?
We never have, so why now?"  Maybe we have been assimilated through

Ignorance for several generations in our elementary schools and colleges
functionally illiterate high schools graduates and then acknowledges

the American Dream; socially inept adults who cannot read or write
don't know our own history, with no pause of letting up in sight

Dr. Fauci and the CDC recommending social distancing, masks and shut downs
instead of boosting the immune system with supplements and vitamins  found,

Like you do with any 'change of whether' sickness, virus or flu.
Shut downs were effective in small businesses to fail, and continues

to take from the people their life's work and wealth
so they won't need to take it away from us in stealth

They are just waiting for the second amendment to be abolished
right after the first of "free speech" is gone due to 'wokeness'.

The hospitals were paid large amounts of money, to tag deaths
as COVID-19, so the numbers are skewed as are the many tests.

The masks are a muzzle, a sign of submission that are about,
as effective as a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out

Control and enslavement is what the Deep State needs and wants
They are greedy, arrogant, pompous and then in their bullshit flaunts

The fact they are cheating and lying to us about every thing
Trying to set up socialism without our consent to bring

down our country, so China can now the world rule
“We the People” need to STOP playing the fool.

The Pelosi's, the Schumers, the Schiffs, are evil to the extreme
That are in it for selfish, self-serving reasons; and their own team

Instead of caring about us; those who pay their salaries
and give them permission to rule their nationalities.

Think they are above us and the law, and need to be taken down
devalued and stripped of the wealth they stole from us, as the crown

before they destroy the great experiment that was an American adventure
and re-write our history; like the book "1984", propagandized  and full censure.

We need to unite all the people; the blacks, the whites, the browns
stop letting them put fear between us, making us the stupid clowns

We don't need to defund the police, we need to defund the senate and congress
Refuse to pay the taxes that they keep raising to correct  their vile wrongness.

Boycott the large corporation's products, just refuse to buy it
It will just require that we are able to sacrifice comfort to illicit

The corporations to lose a bunch of time, energy and money
remind them who pays their bills and why they have a monopoly. 

I said it before, I'll say it again, we are the many, they are the few,
They will only abuse us as long as we actually allow them to.

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