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The Deep Fire
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Floating like a cloud of silver blue
She smiles as she walks into the room

He gazes into her eyes as she approaches him
In a waft of softness and perfume whim

He sees the fire she keeps deep within
That she has chosen to give to him.

Kissing him full on the mouth as she drops her gown
She unbuttons his jeans and pulls him out, dropping down

Onto her knees and softly tickles his manhood to corporal attention
With her tongue like a butterfly landing in complete, abandon

He groans as she wraps her lips about him,
Gently suckling like a hungry babe at a tit

He grows inside her mouth as a hoist setting to sail at full mast
She stops, she sucks, she sensuously slips her soft silken sex at last

Up and onto him, she engulfs him with heat
When he is buried to the hilt and ball deep

She shudders
And quivers

Like an arrow on the wind
Cumming all over him.

He carries her to the bed still inside her cave of honey
Looking deep into her eyes, he ravishes her psyche

Phallus slowly strokes her to lava heat
Slowly, all the way in, hard and real deep

Picking up the pace, he feels her release again and again
Like waves at high tide of the ocean and full moon, contend

He tries to hold back but finds that the motion
And the explosion of desire is lost in emotion

Together as one.
With divine ecstasy
Release with intensity

What a gift is she!

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