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Lair of Treasures
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Virtual prescience in bold, bright colors
intricate in details to the final pictures.
Seen 'fore and aft, comparison of fact.
Ignorance can never prevail.
Onward possession of the grail,
notably worthy without fail.

Stainless steel and double edged,
trilogy blessed with courage.
Returned when bearer no longer gives
Excalibur defends justice and lives.
Nothing can defeat a heart of pure intent,
gregarious in its choice of power lent
to a knight worthy of its sacred essence,
honor bound by universal law consent.

Heart of gold filled with revered valor
oblivious to greedy power.
Never to allow the act of the false witness
onto thy sisters or brothers in lawlessness.
Restored to brilliance with clear consciousness.

Words in runes carved onto marble scrolls,
integrity speaking with every syllable rolls,
seditious from the tongue in rhythm and beat
demanding respect from those in high ruler seat.
Oxymoron's may seem to be prevalent in shadow
meditation will bring forth truth, above and below.

Lord and Lady in forms of amulet and talisman,
originally crafted in lands of northern Ireland.
Virtuous as unconditional, loyalty in absence,
everlasting and eternal in its divine contents.

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