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Gaea Goddess of All Goddesses
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Calling to Thee is the blue
Becoming cohesive are the few.

Powerful are their gifts ~
Quicken will we at the kiss,

Of Gaea as She joins our soul.
Each of us instinctively know

That we must await
Conditions of weight.

Our rewards will be great~
Thine own desire to satiate.

Worlds to craft and life create!
Knowing Thee through our chosen mate.

The Muses of Nine will reincarnate
All that ‘tis beautiful to behold.

So it shall be and will unfold,
For and of Thy daughters of sight ~

And sons with gift and given right
Empathic we are to the light.

With magick of blue within the white;

Through the truth stone
We have been shown

We shall not stand alone,
Her chosen few of prodigy

Who have the key ~


Alone ~ Caress,
    Together ~ Possess,
          Undivided ~ Harness.
                Aware ~ Connect,

    To Thy Mystery,
          May we prove worthy.

So Mote it Be!

My Lady ~
    We await Thee.

Power of Three ...


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