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Your lips graze my throat
While erotic poetry I quote.

Wrapping your long fingers in red locks
Quietly you whisper in my ear; ‘fox!’

Pulling my head back with my hair
Then your fingers travel to dare,

My sweet spot as it quivers in lust
My cries with your kiss are hushed.

As I lift my stimulated softness to meet
Your tongue as it finds my honey sweet.

Then up you come to nip each bud in turn
As my inner lips start to throb and burn.

You head south again to explore and taste
Letting none of my juices go to waste.

As you stand to undress
Then you cry out “Yes!”

As I take your entire length
In my mouth, then lose my strength

For I cum just as your hand
Parts my pulsating lips to demand,

Entry of your dancing shaft …

You lick your soaked fingers
Then press to my lips to linger.

Pushing my thighs open wide
With yours, as you sink inside.

With a moan you don’t stop
Until your loving rock

Is buried in me ball deep.

I cry out and bite your ear
As you gently pull back until clear

Then as hard and as fast as you can.
You drive into my chambers and ram

The bottom of my caverns as I
Again reach orgasm with a loud cry.

You lunge again with your all
As in ecstasy I cum and fall

As I beg for more you lunge all the way
I can’t stop cumming then I hear you say;

“Turn over my love so I can take
Your tight little butt and make

You higher in passionate throws.”
As over and up my buttocks rose

You hesitate not a moment to use my own juice
To lubricate my back door until it’s quite loose.

Driving your phallus with all your might
I scream in pleasure/pain as you’re tight.

As I cum once again, so do you
Exploding deep inside your DragonBlue.

Biting the back of my neck with a moan.

I hear you whisper, “I love you...”
Purring your words, I reply, “I love you too!”

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