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Inguz as Oracle
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The white light of the moon
looks down on me as my mother.
I am yin, intuition,
energy under cover.

Harmony is sought within the sphere
of personal relations,
Need to share, yearn to be desired,
a like-minded completion.

Beginnings of a new life born
down a fresh clean path of due,
I am a Rune of Great Power
when force is needed for truth.

Releasing all tension and uncertainty
as the groundwork is sewn,
Clearing away the old, to be replaced
by the new, unbeaten road.

Death and Birth are one and the same,
in that golden moment of time,
Moving to the left or right
without foresight is grim for your kind.

I council preparation,
as you center and ground,
Sacred space cleansed of all
negative influences that surround

Your ability to initiate
the will of the cosmos,
As the universe will reveal your
path as before you, it unfolds.

With a sense of humor,
you come through unharmed
The purpose of this rune
is that you are fore warned.





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