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Intangible by darkness that corrupts one’s intent,
Nimbus of one’s spirit when loyal in the absence,
Thus so is practiced in all actions taken within one’s day.
Elixir to a betrayed soul and constant in life as natural law’s prey,
Genesis to moral ethics that are a cycle of gifting,
Receiving three fold what one has given in honest living.
Internal decisions to do what is right,
Though it may cost a soul with keen insight.
Yielding to the choice of NOT being evil simply because one decides so…

Intimidated not, by actions of others in their effort to throw
Narrated confusion to pull one from the true path of choice.
Talisman to one who lives a code, not only in voice…
Exemplary in walking the walk of honor, love and compassion,
Greeting each and every decision with a sincere heart and passion.
Reverberating the sisters of keeping one’s word as bond,
Irregardless of the dark obstacle or consequence beyond--
Thus, true to essence in grace and elegance of spirituality…
Yes, it takes immense courage and strength to possess continuously~


An Acrostic in duplicate.

"Each Human Being has an Integrity that can be hurt only by the act of that same Human Being,  and not by the act of another Human Being." 

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