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My Dearest Sister Blue Rew

My Dear Sister Blue Rew
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How could I not do a review
about this item just for you?

You brought tears to my eyes
as you seek to reverse the lies,
of at least 2007 years of disregard
for our Mother and the Sacred Bard.

In my heart is where you reside
as together we in love watch the tide
of the Earth as She reclaims
Her right to be and remains ...

The everlasting life, eternal is She
and whence we came to be in Her ecstasy.
So we shall return what She has given us,
For all acts of pleasure are harmonious.

And so shall we find within,
without and where we've been
Everything we always knew was there
knowing that our Goddess we share.

So shall it be! So mote it be!

In Love & Light,


Author's Note: I find inspiration so often these days, in writings of others. This is the response I gave to my dear Sister Blue Rew for the poem she wrote and dedicated to me.

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