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Purple Kitty Kats chasing Pink Butterflies….

Purple Kitty Kats
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Goddess of  Darkness and Light
I beg and implore of thee this night
How much longer must I wait
This absence of my children to terminate?

I die inside a little more each day
Knowing I am so close, yet so far away.
‘Tis not and never was my want, always a need
Their presence, their smiles, their faces I long to see.

Patience ye say ~ ‘tis my virtue to learn
But the pain is killing me as each day turns.
Into another and a week
Becomes a month of bleak
Hopeless fears under
This  mountain of despair I lie assunder

Goddess of Light & Dark
Of Earth, Air, Water and Fire Spark
Bring my progeny
Back to me…
I would rather at a stake be burned
Then to pass of this heart-ache in a tears urn…
That is now
Pulling me down
        to drown
Within its depths
Of darkness and the abyss

‘Tis been much too long
in this blue dragon's song…
no more can I endure
my mundane life without their laughter

Please guide them into mine arms
For this Mommy cries and mourns

My very reason
For every season

The only beautiful deed
Of this sad and lonely
Mother of two
They with eyes of forest green and ice blue—
Aricia Elizebeth and Aspasia Lorraine
Please Goddess!  Release me from this pain.
How much longer must I wait
For my despair to dissipate?
I beg and implore of thee
Return my progeny to me …

As in my minds eye I see to their delight
    Purple Kitty Kats chasing Pink Butterflies….

This poem is about my two children and my despair living without them.

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