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Aligning the Talisman

Aligning the Talisman
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They stopped to rest and in doing so
Began to ground, center and flow.
Becoming one with Earth Mother
One with the flowers.
One with the pulsating beat
Of the mushrooms that seemed
An artery to this power source,
Along it’s winding, turning course.

The purple floral slowly gave way
To a meadow before a clear blue lake.
Fed by a small, bubbling spring
That fell over mossy rocks to bring
Fresh water and food in abundance here.
The water clean and crystal clear.

Blue Herons and other birds of prey
Nested in the reeds, their songs to play.
Watching Dragon Blue and Moon Child; an odd pair--
With a friendship of honor and trust to share.

As the sun set in the western sea;
The full moon was rising in the east.
The days numbered were now three-
Dragon Blue’s anticipation increased.

Excitement, apprehension and concern
For now they were to meet the third.
And could finally to the lost dimension return
Their success tentatively was assured.

Their faith had been placed
In Talon’s knowledge as mage.
For the danger they now faced
Would stem from the Dark Wolf’s rage.

Talon was to meet them at the eastern ravine,
On this island of Magickal life and energy.
There they were to locate as foreseen
A talisman charged in aligned synergy.

With the life force that in abundance created
This mythical sacred island of old.

Their three paths, plus one were fated
To destiny and would now unfold.

Glides through
The gray mists
As MoonChild insists
They circle about
The mossy mount
For there they will find
A unique – one of a kind
Talisman of vivacity
Intense in luminosity…

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