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A dragon of cobalt blue I think 'me' to be
As I glide through the mist wild and free,
The scales of my breast and tough leather of my wings
Are what glistens in the pale moonlight as I sing.

I am more like the Pacific Ocean at high tide,
As through each and every emotion I will ride
Feel the intensity being logically emotional.
Thoughts are just as exquisite when emotionally logical.

Balancing precariously on the precipice of time
As I try to find the harmony with rhythm and the rhyme
Of why I have been sent to this earth my home
In the third dimension as I am alone.

A stranger am I, to this the human race
As upon this winding trail I must now face.
All perils to my sprit and soul
Calmly death avoids my ‘Self’ to know

Peace at last for I must complete the journey first
the universe will unfold for better or worse.
I must learn to live not trying to die
As mine is not to question how or why.

A dragon of cobalt blue
Empathically here for truth.


Catalyst of the Times

Catalyst of the Times
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