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During the Summer Storm

During the Summer Storm
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                            Silently I watch the sea reach
                            Extra sand in the alkali to bleach
                            As seagulls dive for food and screech.

                            Sonic, salty sounds as they crash
                            As if in answer to the lightning flash
                            Nesting as if they chose to remain
                            Detached from the coming rain.

                            Broken waves splash heavy as they land
                            Undercurrents tug, pull and demand
                            Next to the rocks that cove and collect
                            Corner debris to catch the effect.
                            Holding back the water flow

                            Onto the surf, the tide low;
                            Finessing the tangle of seaweeds.

                            Washing foam covers the reeds.
                            Other voices of the ocean laugh
                            Opting to create the epitaph
                            During the summer storm.

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