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Shall We Dance With Polarity
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Colors of the morning light ~
Scents of the mystical night,
Vibrations from above and below ~
curious should I want to know.

Do I seek to ask; have I been here before?
My spirit longs to learn with desire and more!
Then with a start I do hear, a resounding roar;

My protective totem Grizzly Bear
My guiding spirit ~ I become aware ...

As before; we embark upon our journey,
On this path of great mystery.
Geometric shapes form a mirage
With symbolic runes; a magickal collage.

My totem spirit falls away; as I gaze in awe,
Watching as the gargoyle sharpens her claw.

She preens her wings ~ ‘tis ready for flight,
Exploring the caverns ~ for us to alight.
Exhilarated am I ~ by this warriors foresight!

With wonder she and I glide through the mists,
the dew of the morning, on our souls plants a kiss.
Embrace the dawn ~ navigate our sky,
Anticipate the smell of enchanted twilight.

For both the morning and the night…
Go between the polaris: left and right.
Light to Darkness ~ Dusk to Bright…
Looking beyond that which fits tight.

Inflamed by the rhythm ~ as the beat climbs,
Cohesive in the symmetry ~ as we are the rhyme.
Three by three ~ we arrive at nine.
Probing inward ~ and begin to align.

The veil is lifted ~ for a moment in time ...

And when we see, not with our eyes
From deep within, heart and mind,
The portals open ~ and we realize
Reflections of the essence and size ~

Riddles are absorbed
Archived and stored ~
Within the mind’s sight
This circle of light!

When the Moon’s rays ~
Touch your brow and mine.
Bestowing to us ~
The wisdom of the divine.

Casting without ~ to apply,
As the oceans ~ put forth their sigh.
Inspirit ~ as will the tide,
Brilliant ~ as it be high.

As we seek and shall we find
Joining the spiral ~ Her bosom we lie.

Might we cry?
To be born, just to die?
We question as to why?

Spirit and soul ~
To She of the light.
Heart and mind ~
To She of the night.

One entity of three ~ of powerful might,
Again by three ~ of intuitive sight.
Equality of nine ~ of positive delight ...

On this digression
Within many dimensions
‘Tis in conclusion
A sacred compilation ...

~ Our Covenant of Devotion ~

To our path that began so long ago ~
That we evolve and as a species grow.
Seeking truth ~ in all that we know,
In harmony above and below.

For the colors of the morning light,
The scents of the mystical night
Remind us of whence we came ...
As we call forth our ancestor’s name.

One we will be ~
With the Power of Three ~
Balanced ~ As were we ~
With the Nine of Three ~

Shall We Dance ~ With Our Polarity?
The Gargoyle agrees ~ Shall not we?

This is a spiritual journey that I embarked upon. I have many that cover the myths and legends of olde, for there is much fire where this spark burns.

Blessed Be~


Shall We Dance with Polarity?

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