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Gliding through winds above mountains of green,
She came across an island in the Western Sea.
Sharp rocks on all sides; it was contained,
Invoking elemental guardians of ancient names.

Upon it was a fortress true--
A place she must stop to view.
Surrounding the castle grounds,
A circular stonewall she found.

There were two gates for entry,
North and South, no sentry.
Dragon Blue began to glide-
And fall freely as she went wide.

Descending upon the entrance-
to the Keeps towers of eminence;
with a pentacle displayed,
In silver on the first gate.

Sensing no danger-
She boldly entered.
Into what now appeared-
To be an upward sphere.

No guard stood to block-
her entry; nor was it locked.

Dragon Blue took scent of what was there;
And immediately became aware.
the scent of Frankincense & Myrrh; freshly sired,
Gifts for her with intent and desire.

The air was crisp with a cackle of static,
Ears peeled-raising the hackles enigmatic.

Heard only was the wind to whisper--
Through the plains and trees of fir.
The scent of Austin pines--
filled her soul with wine.

There was no doubt--
That she was now,
Walking the path of the ancient ones--
‘Twas sacred to behold in unison.

Divine Love filled her heart;
As in quiet awe she was a part,
of the natural energy--
That here-- ran freely.


The Island in Mountains of Green

1-Island In Mountains of Green
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