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Pipe of Peace - Air

Pipe of Peace
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The rhythm and beat of fate,
once again we meditate.

Our blue bay and sand of white
now familiar, a sacred sight.

The gift of Faery we do seek,
the smoking of the pipe of peace.

To acquire this element of focus;
Ye must first do battle with chaos.

Through this inner realm of magick
On the creative winds of intellect;

Thy spirit will soar
on original thought.
Defeat barbaric rules
whence ye are taught.

Realize thy transformation…
In an upward spiral of evolution.

Hear the music;
Perform the Illusion.
The Wizard of Oz;
Master communication.

Use only with pure,
positive energy.
Absorb power of choice,
personal liberty.

As this gift was given to me…
So shall I give my heart freely.

Never to Abuse!
Never to Misuse!

Frequency of the Gods!

Power of the Bards!

I give thanks to thee of Faery,
for this gift of wings!
My soul laughs in harmony,
as in my heart it sings!

Until the next journey...

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