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Table of Contents




Part I – Conversations with Merlin

Chapter One – Merlin’s Gift 

Chapter Two – Embark Upon Thy Quest 

Chapter Three – Morning Star 

Chapter Four – Choices of Knowledge 

Chapter Five – A Warriors Inspiration 


Part II – Battles of Dragon Blue

Chapter Six – Magick Wings 

Chapter Seven – And Now (Fields of Battle) 

Chapter Eight – Fear to Friend 

Chapter Nine – For … 

Chapter Ten – As I 


Part III – Reflections of Paradigms

Chapter Eleven -- Bed of Thorns 

Chapter Twelve – Rites of Passage 


Preface to Part IV -- The Meeting of Three 


Part IV – The Meeting of Three

Chapter Thirteen – Starry Flight 

Chapter Fourteen – Island in Mountains of Green 

Chapter Fifteen – The Outer Circle 

Chapter Sixteen – Gaea’s Gift 

Chapter Seventeen – Aligning the Talisman 

Chapter Eighteen -- Reflection of Runes


Part V – The Inner Rings

Chapter Nineteen – Gate Two of One Key 

Chapter Twenty -- Memories of Time Past 

Chapter Twenty-one -- Troughs of Green 

Chapter Twenty-two – Intricate Keys 

Chapter Twenty-three – Born By the Storm

Chapter Twenty-four – The Last Gate 


Part VI – Three by Four

Chapter Twenty-five – Lillith 

Chapter Twenty-six – Moon Times 

Chapter Twenty-seven – Preparing for Tara 

Chapter Twenty-eight – Approaching the Keep 

Chapter Twenty-nine – The Scrolls of Tara 

Part VII – Between the Portals

Chapter Thirty – The Moat of the Castle 

Chapter Thirty-one – Twins 

Chapter Thirty-two – The Path to Talon 

Chapter Thirty-three – The Sacred Casting 

Chapter Thirty-four – Linear Time 

Chapter Thirty-five – Dying Paradigms 

Part VIII – Purple Skies

Chapter Thirty-six – Muab 

Chapter Thirty-seven – The Keys 

Chapter Thirty-eight – Muab’s Vision 

Chapter Thirty-nine – Negotiating Wares

Chapter Forty – Battle of Wills 

Part IX -- House of Many Colors

Chapter Forty-one – Ninth as the Key 

Chapter Forty-two – The Arrival 

Chapter Forty- three – The Time Condition

Chapter Forty-four – In the Fourth Dimension

Chapter Forty-five -- Delineation Accelerator

Chapter Forty-six -- Activation


Part X – Traveling the Path (of the Ancient Ones)

Chapter Forty-seven -- Three Peaks Mountain

Chapter Forty-eight -- Spirit Travels

Chapter Forty-nine -- Amulet of Time

Chapter Fifty – The Turtle Speaks

Chapter Fifty-one – High Priestess


Part XI – Shaman

Chapter Fifty-two – Gatherings

Chapter Fifty-three -- Corrupt Sacred Space

Chapter Fifty-four – Change

Chapter Fifty-five – Between Times

Chapter Fifty-six – Frozen Animation


Part XII -- Daughter of the Dark Lord

Chapter Fifty-seven – Inn at Camelback Mountain

Chapter Fifty-eight – Learning of the Dark One

Chapter Fifty-nine – Her Story

Chapter Sixty – Trapped

Chapter Sixty-one – Train Station



Part XIII – Metamorphous & Battle

Chapter Sixty-two – Moon Child Arrives at Beach of Virgin White Sand – the Unicorn Forrest

Chapter Sixty-three – Dragon Blue travels through dimensions and time to arrive at the Unicorn Forrest

Chapter Sixty-four – Isis Unicorn of the Faery

Chapter Sixty-five – Mind Speak

Chapter Sixty-six – Metamorphosed

Chapter Sixty-seven -- Drawn and Quartered


Part XIV – The Gathering Blue

Chapter Sixty-eight –  All Characters meet up again and celebrate their new found freedom

Chapter Sixty-nine – War of Morning Stars I 

Chapter Seventy – War of Morning Stars II

Chapter Seventy-one -- Reunion


Epilogue –

Blue in Flight by Professor




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Alphabetical Index ii


Glossary iii



































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