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Energy to Dance

Energy to Dance
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We are gifted with the love of life
Unconditionally if but in strife

With a planet full of magick
Very much alive in spirit

All things are provided by
Cycles of earth and of sky

Same above as it is below
Instinctively this we do know

Given the chance
Energy to dance

In this flesh to live and to learn
To be human as we discern

The intellect we must endure
In the physical time to ensure

Elements will complete spirit and soul
Individuals part of one whole

If we deny our destiny
To pass into eternity

Universal collective consciousness
Becomes friction, conflict without essence.

For the opposite of Love is not Hate
But indifference ~ as none do partake

of this precious gift we have been given
And leaves us nothing to believe in

Blessed with a vitality of life force
Opportunity to join the chorus

In beautiful symphonic harmony
Intense entities of divinity

As we discover in complete awe
Cohesive, vibrant natural laws

Let us remain as ~ infants at heart
Creating, changing our world as art

This mine own muse did give to me
To spread the news tenaciously

Let the magick and the music unfold
Our rewards earned ~ to have and to hold

Unconditional Love is as it was,
is and always will be,
a tale to be told…

Energy to Dance


Written with the moon in aspect of the maiden in the season of abundance.

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