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The Escape of Id

The Escape of Id
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Across the intricate mile,
Moving in waves with style.
Conservative; yet with innate denial,
Then a look for thee to reconcile...

Thine own and mine-
Elegant to the sublime,
Uncaring of its own design,
Transcends the paradigm.

Balanced and yet aware-
Imparts a radical stare!
Then an exquisite flare,
Upon thy soul to bare.

In a timeless,

Casual trend,
Of itself-
Reflects and sends...

Ye are charged and must contend,
Before this sparring will reach an end-

Triumphant thee be and only when,
Id 'tis thy ally and closest friend.

This challenge ye meet-
formidable this foe!
Counter to defeat,
Let it flow...

Shearing thy flank-
Do not slow,
Focus thy strength!
Center thy soul-
Stretch thy length,
Tower above-
Thy alter ego!

For Win ye must!
Accept no less.
Contain it ye must,
Then tightly harness.

Light and energy it affects-
Self and Id as they caress...

Tumultuous waves be calm,
Balance within-
Self and Id beyond,
Champion the timid.

In harmony-
An empathic link.
Timed easily-
As One ye think.

Keep the Wheel and Quarters,
Personal and a sacred wealth.
Thy combined being forever;
The most acclaimed of stealth!

For element integrity-
Can never allow...

The Escape of Id!

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