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Everything Woke Goes To Shit

Everything Woke Goes to Shit
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Entering our colleges, Marxist Ideology is taught
Victims; the oppressed they say, actually just little snots
Expecting everything for free, 'cause they are entitled
Reasoning beyond the woke, free speech is tightly bridled
Yet they are pushing their Marxist Critical Race Theory
Take it to the basic level, to school the elementary.
Having no respect for their elders, nor any for our history
Instigating riots, looting, and lawlessness in major cities
Going through the motions of congressional committees

While others get the book, the woke are not convicted
Objections to their talk and actions are restricted
Knocking down our statues, defunding the police
Ensuring that a criminal's freedoms are increased

Group think with no individual space is allowed
Overreach to double speak is the now 'woke' crowd
Extortion they represent; a legend in their own minds
Segregation of the people; no principles do you find

Totalitarian and dictatorships is what they prefer
Over liberty and freedom, all equity is mediocre

Shit is what they are, not just what they do
Hellbent on destroying America, without a clue
Intentional insurgence they parade with pride
To our lethal enemies; weakness they provide.
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