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Fare Thee Well

Fare Thee Well
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To think of thee now as I grow cold
As tarnished knight, my Tristan of Olde..

With my heart and life in pieces
Lessons learned as it teaches.

Shattered and scattered in the wind
Thy promises broken as ye rescind.

I still love thee.
I still want thee.

But thy love was never true!
Now ye shall not touch this blue!

I walk in love and light
I don’t need to stay and fight!

I seek only to fly
Without asking why.

Vengeance is not an option for me
with revenge I’ll never be free.

For ye see
I found the key..

All my life ye have haunted me
In different forms and needs

This place in time
internal light shines!

I walk away
find I sway...

I’ve grown much stronger
In spite of thy laughter!

Thee - so demeaning,
haughtily condescending.

'Tis thee I pity
In thy cold city..

Alone with thy material things
Where thy heart can never sing
Nor joy- to thee will they bring.

Just emptiness; sorrow
frozen tomorrows.

To thee Tristan
My love I gave unconditionally.
Not for thy power or money

or financial worth.

I gave for the joy of giving!
In true love believing!

So in love I now leave
Unchaining these
shackles that hold me..

To be

May ye find what ye seek

And gain thy reward
stepping heavily forward.

On this earth without me
So I Will! So Mote It Be!

Thy Lady Ysolde

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