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Female as woman in this man’s world
Expected to accept their means to an end
Manifested through our blood, sweat and tears
Incongruent with the rest of the universe.
Nothing is ever enough for the powers that be.
Insisting we as woman are content to be enslaved
Smiling while we take the shit and string beans
Mendaciously, they want to rule all we are.

Females are expected to obey without question
Entertain their sexual demeaning treatment of us
Meant for only the girls they never marry.
Insisting on us taking their name when we say I do
Never realize we lose who we are when they control
Intimate thoughts, feelings and actions.
Sadistic they are, for if we disobey, they kill us
Matter of fact like we were their property.

Female is made from Adam’s rib as Eve they say, NOT!
Every time we try to rise above their station for us.
Mz is not acceptable because we don’t take their abuse
Instead we rebel with seditious words of wisdom.
Nothing will ever change for those who rule with iron fist
Insisting we learn to enjoy our place in life as subservient.
Sensuously we decline to partake in their patriarchal reality
Making them dangerously angry and violent, to our plea.

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