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“I will always remember your hot, lingering touch,
    the way you kissed me with your heart and soul,
         the way you filled me like none other.”

So, ‘little ugly’,
it’s the same old game of hurt,
just a different time and era.  
Always back to the same place of pain—
a  ravine filled with abuse
         that slices the
              psyche in two…

the hurting,
   the wanting,
         the needing.

The shredded spirit that cries out
     for a healing not yet known.

Give it up MoonChild of GaeaDragonBlue!

This path was meant to be taken alone,
   until thy spirit has flown

         Up, up, up
           into the clouds
                then above them.

Dancing on the moonbeams
Prancing to the beat of circular time.

Go by what you know,
Never by what you need.

NEVER by what you need!

You silly fool.

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