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Freedom, Truth, Health

Freedom, Truth, Health
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Freedom, that all elusive ideal that we hold so high
Reverberating through the streets in a rebels cry.
Even if the powers; don't want to know like most sociopaths
Every soul on earth was born free with our very first breath.
Dreams die hard, when they become sand through our fingers
Original thought stifled silence, the thinker.
Money, the Power and Control will continue until scorned.

Truth from bottoms up revolution is how we acquiesce
Rationalization of invasion of rights to due process
Un-articulated their reasons; think we are ignorant
Though the establishment has become the belligerent
Hostility is what they use to drive deep fear between us.

Harmony for the body and mind is what we need to discuss
Eliminating those that threaten all humanity
Assaulting their train of thought and gross profanity.
Legitimizing their corrupt authority with the law
Tolerance of their tyranny can no longer rip us raw
History cannot be repeated with the deep state!

Inspired by: Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and the Corona virus.

The time is ripe for revolution.
The mandate must change.

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