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Friendship Grows
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This dragonish pain sears hotter than summer!
Laid up in a hospital! True summer bummer!

'Tis I who am glad ye are back
Now I can let ye do what I lack...

But it not shall be done alone,
For I am back,
From where it was I had to roam!

All infinitives are split and stacked by the door;
No participles dangle or lay on the floor!

So come one, come all,
Those that are here in the lair,
Let the world see our talents,
We know it's there !!!

But were I to step foot
from my errant cloud- steed
my soul might catch a root
and be put out to seed!

Then itself let it seed,
Let all the world see,
True beauty it shall sprout,
Of that I have no doubt !!!

Like a ragweed it would grow,
blooms to match both fire and sky
to ease the weary or full of woe
and give the broken means to fly.

But as the blossoms stretch and ripen
In dazzling sunlight, seeds mature
Awaiting the winds of change to move them
From stem to fertile ground too prosper

That e'en weeds might be content
Within their circle of life complete.

We will then seed and then to scent
as surmount we will this great feat!

And as we rhyme our way through
this little ditty of song and prose;
Let it be known to the Dragon of Blue
that talent reigns as friendship grows.


Author's Note: This was a collaboration by members of Airial Crystal, DragonBlue, A. Charles Roger, Moose20, Jr. and Rishalynn. The color in the poem corresponds to the color of the author's name.

Friendship Grows

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