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Good Evening Milady

Good Evening Milady
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Your words did ring in my ears
and settled about my heart
lowered my barrier of fears
with thy poetry and thy art.

Ye touched my soul
penetrating my spirit
above & below
no reason to fear it.

Thee dreamed of the Dragon Blue
as have I - and heard Her spoken word
interpretation is the only variable of two
for I am the Bear as ye art the Bird.

In thy dreaming vision
we met upon a mountain top
it was late and dark - the decision
arranged through Her lifetimes of thought.

She told a tale echoing my prose
of mine own dream as composed
singing the chant of The Wyrd
with Excalibur as the truth be heard.

And I quote from thy pen:
"The Three are the Center
from which all Magick is born to send.
The Three become Nine as mentor.

When the Musick is done
the song of the strings
the pulse of the drums
as only the Keltoi sing...

Fade; when the promise appears
and ye two are a reflection of seers
the makers of sound
into me and around
the battle begun..."

Then She changed Her tongue

to a language ye did not understand.
stepping aside as She continued to speak
softly - richly to I - of another's land.
Beautiful to thee as our voices did seek

Leaving ye hypnotized until I returned.
As Dragon Blue from our presence left
Darkness clouded my concern
the message unclear though blessed.

We were to honor Her this night
together in the purest of magick
within the Divinity of the Great Rite.
Strength of sending powerfully potent.

Soft and supple as the Mother herself
yet as the warrior firm and taught
pure in innocence as 'twas our stealth
our love everlasting as She had sought...

to show to us Her light of blue
our reward for this path of due.

Thy vision came to thee
in counts of four
elements by three
and so much more.

We planned a drawing down of Her essence
on the fourth day as the next full moon
before Her aspect became the crescent
as She is most powerful when in tune.

Channeling in surrogate I through thee
through mental kinetics we did so
I unable to break free
of the mundane obstacles of foe.

Only reaching thee with my mind
contact made only in spirit form
through the eternal light to find
though there interfered a storm.

Wading through and upon
the light though constant
was not in essence strong
nor one with portent.

Since that time
ye have been distant.
I inquire with rhyme
yet, ye do not listen.

Now I do wonder
at mine own foolishness.
Believing in the thunder
of thy love as unselfishness.

Ye turned away from me
leaving the darkness to enclose.
Ye severed the empathic link of 'we'
and as I seek to understand in morose

What was thy motive?
What was thy reason?
In forward motion
change of season.

Is this farewell
to my Sweet Knight?
My heart did swell
as thee spoke of this night...

Becoming one as we two
conversed with Dragon Blue,
and communed in divinity
through Her light confirmed validity..
of the Great Rite!
Thy love within the light in blue.
Magick in its purest might!
Forever will it be my truth!

So mote it be
as we shall see,
I will let it be
our spirits free.

I do miss thee so!




Copyright: MoonChild of GaeaDragonBlue
Tuesday - April 13, 2004
The Crone dwelled within the night sky

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