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In the Ghetto
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Intent on survival they do whatever they can
Never realizing, they are born by fate of hand.

They can rid themselves of the filth, poverty and shame
Hesitation to do so, as they put responsibility and blame,
Entirely upon their own soul, when in reality we know …

Guns and knives as thieves their life they learn to sew.
However they might try to come out of the tragic ghetto,
Every corner they turn puts them back there again.
Torturously they watch their family cry and send,
Thanks to a Lord, that does not listen, but ignores their plight.
Onward they struggle for honor in a futile attempt to win this fight.

In the Ghetto …





Author’s Note: I heard “In the Ghetto” performed by Elvis Presley tonight, and as I listened to the words about a cold, wind blowing Chicago night, that a hungry life was born, in the ghetto as his momma cried. 

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