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Inner Voice

Inner Voice
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I listened to archaic language of the voice
Asking me "What will be your choice?"

It follows me ever faster.

Is it warning me of disaster?

A falling leaf was given as a sign,
the interpretation of which is mine

to walk in the alabaster light
and find my way through the white

as rose thorns thistle on the vine

Come with me, shall we dine?

Why don't we take a chance?
See if this be romance.

The appetizer may be one
The mystery yet to come,

Destiny of forever to your lips
and which way the scale tips.

"This is a calling of my heart!"

The voice came out of nowhere deep and dark
and so began the lightning, blue white spark

whispering time and daring the fate of love
soul searching, spirit emotional below and above

'Twas a journey that would turn the seasons into years,
a walk with darkness and one bathed in tears.

Reflections of a pearled beauty
Come join me as we go in fantasy

Secrecy in the thick of mantled ships
as magick enchantment into sleep slips

Author's Note:
This was a collaboration by the following members of

A. Charles Roger
Mz Classy
The colors in the poem correspond to the colors of the author's name.

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