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It Is Not the Body

It is not the Body
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It is not the body
Nor the color
and shape of it

That bring us closer
to each other.
Do you notice
that as I do?

That we come closer
To some more than
the others?

And even though
We drift at times
From each other,
We do remember

The beauty of
the merging
we remember

All the enchanting colors
Of a glorious dawn?

We reveal more of our true selves
than lovers in a passionate embrace.
The touching of our mind reaches
an ecstasy like none other.

The climax of our coupling mind is
in the realization that we love each other
though we have never met in the flesh.

The dawn of understanding that
if we want to touch in body,
we have only to link our minds
and spirits together to receive
ten times the intensity of release
we aspire to in physical love.

Empathy abounds in these halls
as does unconditional love and
a certain human comprehension
that is not possible otherwise.

You are one whose spirit
and aura I feel through
the cyberspace of our
computers and servers.

You are a leader in these times
because of your simple wisdom,
that outshines the sun and stars.

As I take thy hand and share
mine own spirit with thine ...





Author's Note: The color of the verse coordinates with the color of the author's name below:

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