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Laughter in the Rain

At first I thought ‘twas the spirit of the wolf come to call.
Only to realize ‘twas thee my sweet knight, sky clad and tall!

Thy aura in sensual form remains
Louder than words of the mundane!

Laughter in the Rain...

When your loving touch is ever so hot-
Slowly finding thy way to my pleasure spot...

So lightly ye rub and caress.
Transferring your essence...

While we spoon,
With light of the moon

Kissing thy manhood to rise!
Exploring my softness from behind.

My flower opens to receive thee-
Sparks ignite as thee enter me!

Mine heart in thy hands...
Erect and welcoming stance!

As thee hold me tight,
To share in the sacred rite...

How can ye deny the magick we create?
Into, through and out again there is no mistake

Sharing love in lust
Tenderness with passion a must!

'Tis how we honor the Lady
As we simultaneously

Combust within her blue of light!
Our cries are of carnal delight.

We become one my friend
Through out the night until again--

The first stars are glimpsed of dawn.
We dream together of the blue dragon..

Her message is very clear to thee –
For ‘twas meant to be!

Magick powerful and pure
Circle our soul’s mystical allure...

For ye will it
With our one spirit!

So it shall be in the mundane.
Who am I to complain?

'Tis naught but..
Laughter in the Rain

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