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Love Will Win At Last

I wished upon the winter solstice star
In this Yule tide as Sacred Bard
In a cold city of blood and ice
That I would see your lovely eyes

Hearing thy voices on the phone
While wishing we were not alone
Give light to my ever dark day
And oh, how I love to hear you say

“I love you mommy, miss you too!”
As our hearts remain in tune,
May we all be together without fear
Blessed Yule and Happy New Year.

In the coming turns and changes
There is chaos to rearrange
Turmoil to stir in the air,
Justice for once to be fair.

A bit more than I can bear

Are the thoughts
That are brought

To mind without beckoning
As they are forthcoming
The fury of retribution,
‘Fore gone in conclusion.

That all will come to pass
And love will win at last.

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