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The wind whispers through the trees
becoming a howl mysteriously
harmoniously singing
through the crisp morning...

with a scent of lavender
the silky feel of a feather
earthy in her harvest
to hunger in earnest


His lips on her cheek and breast
for his kiss she was quite obsessed
She wanted him again and soon
as the mist of the full moon


A longing raging deep inside
her soul needing his bright
brown eyes to devour her psyche
gazing through flames of ecstasy.


She could smell his scent
enjoying the wild torrent
of the wind as it whipped back her hair
she then lifted her face to crisp cold air...

She knew an instinctive bond
with the mountain man long gone
close as a well knit glove
she craved his lust in love.

Waiting for
Magickal Moments of Joy...

Waiting for him to take her hand
and from her loving soul demand
that they be together
now as one forever...

Author's Note: This pen is about two people whom are soul mates. In this dimension they have only met in spirit form for in this life time they are too far apart in miles and life styles to ever meet in person.

He is the Shaman, she is the High Priestess of Deep Light. Their love is eternal, has always been, since the beginning of time and will always be 'till the end of time. So Mote It Be~ Namaste!

magickal is spelled with a "K" for a reason.
magic=a parlor trick, slight of hand
magick=deep earth energy being directed by one skilled as a wizard and is a learned craft.


Magickal Moments of Joy

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