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Monsoon's Drop

This path I've been traveling upon
has taken a different flavoring on.

Where it leads is now clearer,
no longer smoking glass and mirrors.

Logical are the mathematical runes,
yet my intuitions are a monsoon.

Is this the extreme
they fear I might dream?

This is so graceful a state to be!
Why do they not wish that I be free?

Here I can drop all pretensions,
absorb dark and light divination!

Why would those who are the once born
perceive this world as forlorn?

Harmonic in unison as it appears
Symphonic in magick 'tis what I hear.

Luminance in deep hues are warm
in all pastels and bold in form.

All sounds reverberate very near,
lyrical without hot angry tears..

Why is it that they must control
My inner power, my very soul?

Little do they realize
as mist fills my eyes..

My passion would overwhelm them
Quickening in multiples of ten.

For they could not deal with the pain
nor endure the pleasures that remain.

by DragonBlue
Phoenix, Az 85283 - Began at the new moon in June, completed the full moon in July 2006. The mother dwells within the desert sky.

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