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My Addiction

I once let myself become angry and mad
Every time I awoke, only to feel sad.
Searing pain and despair pulled at my bleeding heart.
I wanted to die, fell to pieces and apart.

But I had not the will to take my own life,
A pair of dark hazel and crystal blue eyes,
Kept me painfully aware, some how alive.
Though many times over, I should have just died.

My drug is not from a pusher or something of strife
Nor need but should not eat, but are the loves of my life.
My children ripped from my world, by a greedy vampire
Taker of souls with a black widow spider screaming fire.

Third was the dark enemy as he meant to suffer me
A frontal lobotomy as he ignored that I was free.
He placed me high on a shelf once more
As his toy to play with in morbid gore.

He too was as slimy as his counter part
The spider and her twin as they broke my heart.
His betrayal and lies against me were enough to place
My very soul in hell, as they spit and hit my bruised face.

Ripping my spirit to threads many times as they laughed,
Maniacal, anticipating my scream to at last,

To be released but I could not let go of my addiction
As it is for the unconditional love of my children.
Their glowing essence and ever present sweet scent,
Makes me high as no drug can, earth or heaven sent.

They tried to destroy me by taking what was rightfully mine,
Not for any reason other than to slowly watch me die
With pleasure as my heart ached and twisted inside
Dying, each leaf fell from the vine, one at a time.

In agony I wait for justice much too slow.
Not swift and sure, as I watch my children grow
Becoming his slaves as their innocence he takes
His poison soaks up their minds and satiates …

His hunger, all in the name of his ego and money.
These were his addictions as our tears were many
Our souls were to feed his eternally, empty own
And only the wind hears our cries to be left alone.

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