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My Scorpio

Though our times together have been few
when I close my eyes and think of you...

Your touch is warm then hot
I respond; all my senses taut.
Your eyes with mine linger
as through your fingers

pours your essence...
with loving tenderness

you explore my every depth...
you take me until spent!
aggressively filling me
until full and complete

I tremble
I quiver
I surrender

My defenses you transcend,
my inner self you send
to a seventh heaven of delight,
our kindred spirits one light.

As minutes turn to hours
I unfold as a flower...

Open I do to your scent
our song of love so eloquent.
We share that which is intimate
our spirits evolve to cyclamate.

My Scorpio lover remember this always,
heart and mind we are to be interlaced.
Our shared moments in time
I deem as elegant and refined.

No matter that our minds both say;

“This is not what we want!"
Hot fire outshines forethought.

Our souls
we know
Below and Above
In Lust and Love



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