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My Sweet Knight

Thee entice my spirit
challenge my mind
Stimulate my soul
Can barely wait to hold
Thy body to mine own
Thy sweet kiss still lingers
the feathery
then firm touch of thy fingers

My sweet Spot
Thee did melt today
Sharing with me
In thy sensual way

Thy eyes
so deep
to capture my heart
I could drown within them
their depths I did mark.

For ye looked upon me
so lovingly from the start
then longingly
I glimpsed
as we made to depart.

Our next encounter
I eagerly await
as my inner spirit cries out
for I do anticipate
that ye know me well
and will not hesitate
to chart mine unknown territories
thee have discovered of late.

I felt such a heat
a compelling desire
My maiden aroused
from slumber to fire!

Take my hand
for this dance
I do Inquire?
Gift to me
primal rhymes
and thy essence
My Sire?

For only ye
Could be...

Keeper of my heart,
senses sharp.
The Lord of my thighs
Delighter of my sighs.

I thee Lady
for many moons
throughout time,
I sense we
both realize
that we will shine.
Many times to cum
sacred pleasures
as the flower to the sun...

Oh, Sweet Knight!
I write to thee
in my dreams

For I need and want thee to see
I will wait for No One but thee

Inviting thee
unto me...

Gaea Dragon Blue

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