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Neo & Charlie

Neo & Charlie
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Neo is the chosen one, runt of the litter

black with one white star upon his chest to glitter

He was first to open shining green eyes

to view his humans, hungry he then cries


Charlie is the deformed one, that walks upon his elbows

Tabby striped, with a sweet demeaner as he really knows

that his time is short here upon this earth

with his people that rescued him at birth.


As they grow together learning how and why

Neo is aggressive and Chalrie is so shy.

Neo jumps, ninja style through the air

Charlie cushions his blow without a care


softening his brother's fall

with his long arms too tall

though he is fast at running

he keeps himself from funning


rolling onto his back to fight

long arms extend a vicious sight,

Neo wins the play but he knows

that Charlie lets him win and though


His perfect body is everything he could want

Charlie has more balance with a grace to flaunt.

They curl 'round each other when they need sleep

Dreams they seem to share, as Charlie hides his feet.


They awake to a new day

of frisky food and to play

give loving affection to humans they adore

that they both picked to be their pets forever more.

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