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Off Kilter
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The Universe is off kilter to the nth degree
All species are on alert to continually be
Aware of the tightness and thickness of air
As humans self destruct in nightmare

They were warned by all matters of essence
They were shown by the imminent presence
of the divine in many circumstances
irregardless of the level to understand

yet they continued
      and continue
              and will always do so

to multiply, consume and move on to violate
all manners of magick, natural laws that correlate
naturally incongruent and oblivious
of choosing not to be evil in an endless

wave of emotional chaos
with poisonous steel claws
piercing the heart and soul of the thesis
revealing an immortal spirit in pieces

we came to learn
to love
with life below
and above

not to kill
or bend will
of the others in this land
as we exceed our demand…

Only if we start today
Will we be able to stay
And evolve to take the chance
In the spiraling endless dance

As spirits of Light and Energy

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