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Our Eternal

Our Eternal
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You question my love for you
And I tell you upon my children’s life

That I love you with everything I am
And really do want to be your wife.

I have given to you everything I own
Sharing with you my heart and home.

My soul
You stole
Long ago—

In a previous lifetime past
As we finally melt at last

In this dimension of planes
Where nothing

The same

But that which is going to change.

Every time you walk away
“Not ever coming back” you say,

I fall to pieces inside and out
And remember again, that’s what love’s about.

Giving all I am, to you as my man
Very much in love with you and I can

Feel your aura, scent your essence
Long after you remove your presence.

I never thought I was capable of loving a man this deep
Until I realized that to you, my spirit is given, for you to keep.

I know in many ways, I am not good enough for you,
As I am damaged goods from way back and do not have a clue

As to your values or principles that my life has never held,
I long to understand even though our minds don’t always meld.

All I know is you make my inner child dance and sing
When you hold me in your arms and become my-- everything!

I love you now ...

As I have always loved you
I will love you for eternity.

Only you know how ...

To bring about the light of blue
Within, without and with intensity.

Please, don’t leave me to die of a broken heart disease.
This I beg of you; please, I ask this on my knees!

I look up at you with fingers together, as I bow
Namaste; milord, forever I proclaim my love aloud.

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