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Poetic Serenity

When I gaze into your eyes
I find myself quite mesmerized,
By their depth and changing colors in symphony
The light around the iris and pupil dancing …

Your eyes touch me deep within
As do your fingers as they are akin;
Giving rise to a deep quiver
as my whole body shivers.

Your kiss fills my soul complete
As I explore your hot psyche~
With my lips and tongue allures
pressing my body next to yours.

When we dance in the moonlight, twirling
I feel as if I belong in a sweet love story.
You and me, we feed and play off each other
gracefully swinging in harmony under cover;

Of the dim light of the dawn
You and I, we sing the song,
We have hummed for an eternity
It seems; eliciting a poetic serenity.

Is this true love or am I dreaming?
Or is this simple lucidity steaming?
I know how perfect our days and time can be;
Question is; do we want to seal this in reality?

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