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Rare Toast

Rare Toast
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His hands are butterfly kisses.
His lips morning dew-
He sparks my inner furnaces
In the dancing shadows of the full moon!

As he does lightly trace
Upon my face
Designs of delicate lace...

My hair he brushed back so gently.
Then softly
His lips, eyes and mouth,
Seek mine
teasing south!

To my scent of a cauldron that overflows
With honey for his electric throws.
Of communicable heat we traverse.
From internal combustion
we burst.

With mine own desires I reply.
As he fills me tight
He gasps powerfully
when finally...

Penetration is complete.
His eyes ravish my spirit's psyche
As he continues to sink deep.

Within my folds of softness
I devour his hardness.
Wrapping my limbs about his girth
He quenches my insatiable thirst!
Multiple waves rush
In kindred love and lust.

I am unable to stop
Myself as I roll on top!
We meet again
Throughout my body he sends;


From head to spine
Simultaneously we align.

Through and of every pore
Our passion cries for more.
As the storm of love continues to flow
We enjoy the perfect high in the glow.

Of heights only imagined by most-
Experienced by few...
So are the memories,
Dreams of rare toast

By MoonChild of GaeaDragonBlue!



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