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Splinters and Threads

Splinters & Threads
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Maker of money – keeper of yellow gold
Binder of possessions to one's own soul
Do ye only measure thy success
In cold dollars and rounded cents?

All in thy path ye splinter and shred
Unraveled to naught – but frayed threads


but only when thy cauldron
Overflows with emotion
Do the sacred stones
Glow in hues and tones
The glass eye
of the cobalt sky
Winks of destiny and desire
Transcends the heat and fire
The dream – that falls into shadow
Friend and ally become enemy and foe
Left to Right – Light to Dark
The value of life leaves its mark

And the net worth watcher of funds
Loses to the wizard of unconditional love

”For in a Universe of Justice,
The Eyes of Truth are always watching you…”

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