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Tara’s Foresight

Tara's Foresight
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Gaea’s Blue Dragon of Tara
Reflecting her message in mirrors

Wishes to speak with thee
Of another dimension’s reality

Visualize a triangle upside down
A circlet of blue beams around

Placed upon a blood red background

Chant A through U
Reverse the view

Vocalized emotion
In rhythmic vibration

The portal welcomes thee
Measured exactly three

By three
By three

Start the whisper of the sacred Wyrd
Lifting Excalibur thy athame and sword

As the acclaimed bard
Sings of domains from afar

His own colors of clan
Classified as Homo Sapiens - Man

Their hopes
Evolving afloat

Their dreams
Fluorescent screams

To arrive at thee
When ye go free

To release thy ego
Above and below

Of Earth thy Grizzly Bear
Arrow of thine own Hair

Excalibur of Truth
Cauldron of Youth

All equal of the same sum
As One
Plus One
Plus One

Four elemental seasons of light
Eight aspects eclipse the night

The space between is traveled time
There upon ‘tis drawn the line

Transfer on to another
So ye shall not smother

From material dust
When filled with lust

For this the golden land
Forever’s shifting sand

Out again
Causes of Justice to defend

As warrior, hunter, hunted
Passive and Aggressive

Fundamentals to indicate
That ye do not eradicate

Love as Unconditional
Learned by all people

One with all forces of life
In the blue of light

At once Balanced
Between dissonance

And harmony
With Empathy

Ye shall in abundance give
As ye walk the path to live

And talk of this vision
Until power has risen

This shall be thy quest
Before thy soul may rest

This I speak to thee
As Gaea’s prodigy

I am Dragon Blue
Order and chaos of Rune

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