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This New Year Is A Number Three

This is the year as a number three
Hence scaling in numerology
Intensely powerful as the trilogy
Scope of triangular symbology

Naturally it’s a prime number
Energy that is unencumbered
With the total weight of another

Youthful in cycle as born, live and die
Edges the truth of the how and why
Alibi of the ages it outlines
Reflecting three times three as number nine

Intertwined in mysticism are three in ode
Subject to the power, matter, and mode

Ancient and modern civilizations use the trilogy

Neanderthal to homo sapiens in philosophy
Universal from continent to country
Meandering through our history
Balance is achieved on this journey
Ecosystems of the earth, sky and water
Reverberate in pulses on our sacred altar

These are the thoughts that come to me
Hither to the mysterious number of three
Remarkable that it’s considered perfect
Eager to know, interpretations we collect
Essential to our poise of stable concepts

This new year is a number three.

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