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Together and Content

Together and Content
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Here I am missing you again
Lonely, craving your kiss my friend
Wishing you were here with me
So that I could memorize every
Expression, as I witness the shine in your eyes as we talk.
Sometimes, we don’t even need to voice our thoughts
When we communicate, each to the other
It always catches me off guard as together
We see eye to eye, I sitting in quiet awe
As your scent speaks volumes, my breath caught
Your soul touches mine as the sensual serpent weaves
Making it known to me; you are the sword I sheath.

As white knight of my dreams and in the mundane
All previous men in my life, you put to shame
I love you G, I have since the day we met
At times, I glimpse centuries that we have spent.
In each others arms, together and content.

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