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True Visions?

True Visions
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I hope to Celebrate
a love deep and Great
Long overdue this fight to Fate
The workings I now Initiate
In Magick I start to Vibrate
with power I Collaborate
for the law to Investigate
my once bad taste in chosen Mate
his actions wrong, there is no Debate
very much so an evil Trait
that forments and Incubates
From justice no longer will he Skate

May the power of all that is right
find it's target on this the first light
of the new moon and the new year
hit the bullseye without fear!

May my vision be true!
So Mote it Be! DragonBlue


Author's Note: This was a rhyming word challenge I wrote on New Years Day this year in hopes of locating and staying within reach of my two daughters; Aspasia & Aricia.


1/1/2006                    6:03 AM

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