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Wake Up!
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We are the voices that tell the tale of foreseen slavery
If we continue to allow our government free sovereignty,

To sell our souls and lives to the secret society of the Federal Reserve
Impoverishing our country, our people and future children to serve

Those that care only for the profit of their share in the world powers--
Let us call on the guardians and great spirits of the four watch towers.

To the immortal soul of the human race
Before we collapse as the beaten face

Of the ancient stone statues of legends and lore
That taught us the lessons long ago and before

This crisis of an entire species came to fold,
Upon us all as Karmic debt is bought and sold

By those who believe they are above the code
Not hearing the voice of reason in linear mode.

Not seeing the picture between the lines
Painted with the blood of all mankind.

I’ve said it before as the thoughts remain
And now I will spell it out once again;

Put down your guns, our false icons a facade
Drop the curtain people; before all is waste inlaid—

WAKE UP!  Before it is much too late
The tide of destruction to abate…

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