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Why do Americans vote for people who screw them over?

Why Do Americans1
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They vote for whomever
their preacher
or television anchor
person tells them to
cast their ballet for
Instead of taking the time
to research themselves,
driven by
the Almighty Dollar.

It is said
they vote for
the lesser
of two evils,
not realizing
they have still
chosen evil.

Since the creation of
‘black box’ voting booths,
a computer reads your vote card,
that can be hacked
by any fourteen year old
with half a brain,
and voting is just a
‘going through the motions’.

Another point to be
made on this thought
votes were to be
counted in a public forum,
(according to our constitution)
and now they’re counted
by a machine
behind closed doors.

America no longer
has a government
of the people,
for the people,
by the people.

It is a government
of the elite,
making laws for the elite
that only apply
to the people,
by the elite.

The rich get richer,
the poor get poorer
and the middle class
exists no longer.
Americans losing
their homes,
their life savings,
and their wealth.

Yet, not one congressman,
member of the executive office
or senator
has lost one dime
since the economy went bust.

We the people
have lost it all
to the very people
we bailed out of bankruptcy
giving CEO’s a fat bonus
for destroying our economy.

Whittling away
and civil rights
a little at a time.
Strategy that
Adolph Hitler
to enslave his people.
Privatized prisons
and FEMA camps
exist today.

They will only
continue to do so
as long as we,
The People
allow them to.

They are the few
we are the many,
one plus one
always equals two.
Do the math
and tell me
if united
we could win?

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