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Why How Many Dragons Do You Know?

Why How Many Dragons Do You Know
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What do you mean, my dear one

how I am not at all like a dragon

you, who have only met me so far


How would you know a dragon czar?

Or maybe a Missionary that writes of my kind

well meaning but far from the truth in my mind


Might it be that your imagination runs wild?

And decides we are not what we seem to be child?

Never mind you don't actually look for the truth

you just assume you know and this you choose.


Dreaming of dragons is a pastime for you

realm of your fantasy world of blue

and I as a dragon don't fit that paradigm

glossed over as we are by layers of time

opinions of we dragons are always formed

notwithstanding you were forewarned

sustaining this is not what you have learned


Despite this, you know you have earned

our respect in the fields of battle and beyond


Your intuition will build the sacred bond

of and between yourself and the likes of me

understanding as we do that you can see


Knowledge of the future hangs heavily in the air

now we need to get before the people that share

our bloodlines through our heart that we give freely

with those we choose to help as we care deeply.

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