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He walked in the door to find
Hot videos and his lady playing
He crept up silently behind
Wrapped his fist in red hair - pulling
Her head back to bite at her ears
And long sensual neck while reaching
Watching her in the mirrors
Tuned her erect nipples seeking
The moan that escapes her wet lips
tracing the voluptuous curves and hips

He continues to trace and tweaking
Her wet sweet spot
As she shutters - soaking
His playing fingers - he then drops
His pants to release the straining
Phallus filled complete
And let it find the creaming
Nest - as her rising heat
Engulfed his manhood steaming
She gasped in loving lust
As she lay clinging
Her need became a must

Upon his hard throbbing
Manhood as he thrust
Deep and hard - speed gaining
Wave after wave in a rush
She shuddered making
Herself a vise
And from him pulling
His seed amid cries
From intense releasing

Their ecstasy

Shared in body, mind and spirit

Yes - he does love his naughty girl!

Yes - He Does

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